Teeth Safety Tips for Children Playing Sports this Summer & Fall

Teeth Safety Tips for Children Playing Sports this Summer & Fall
Posted on 08/09/2016

The summer and fall seasons are times when many children play all types of sports such as basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, and football. While your local Oakland orthodontic experts and staff support kids’ sports teams and enjoy seeing patients being active and having fun, we also want everyone to be safe. Here are some safety tips for teeth that can help ensure children avoid injuries that can do harm to their teeth and oral health.

Wear a Protective Mouth Guard

A mouth guard should be worn by all kids playing sports, including kids with braces or other orthodontic appliances. A mouth guard is designed to cushion blows to the face to help protect the teeth against injury. There are several types of mouth guards available, including “stock” mouth guards that can be purchased at any sporting goods store, boil-and-bite mouth guards you mold to the general shape of your mouth, and custom-made mouth guards which are available from dentists. For patients in braces, there are special orthodontic mouth guards that fit over braces to provide protection to both teeth and orthodontic appliances.

Remind Children of Basic Safety Rules

Children should be reminded of some basic outdoor safety rules. For instance, when children are enjoying time at a backyard or public pool, they should be reminded not to run near the water. It is very easy for a child (or adult for that matter) to slip and fall when running on a wet and slippery surface. Kids should also be reminded to stay far from the pool sides/edges when jumping or diving into the water. Poolside injuries are all too common, but most can be avoided by following some basic safety rules.

Children should also be reminded to wear helmets when riding their bikes, scooters, or skateboards. Helmets are also a must when horseback riding or doing any sport / activity that poses a risk of head or facial injuries. Since many sports have their own helmet designs, children should always wear the right helmet for the activity in which they are participating.

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These tips can help prevent all types of injuries to the head, face, and teeth. At Loeb Orthodontics, we encourage parents to talk to their children about how important it is protect their teeth when having fun so they will not end up needing emergency dental treatment. If you have any questions about orthodontic care, please feel free to contact us at (201) 337-3701 and one of our helpful, friendly staff members will be happy to assist you. While we are located in Oakland, we offer care to the surrounding areas including Wayne, Franklin Lakes, and Wyckoff. We look forward to hearing from you soon!