BBQ Foods to Avoid While Eating with Braces

BBQ Foods to Avoid While Eating with Braces
Posted on 06/15/2019

Summer BBQ Foods to Avoid While Eating with Braces

Summer is here, and while we all enjoy the longer days and favorable weather, summer can be difficult to navigate for those wearing braces. Summer is the season of barbeques, and often, the food served at a barbeque is sticky or hard, posing a threat to braces. At Loeb Orthodontics, we are proud to help our patients achieve beautiful, healthy new smiles through braces and other orthodontic treatments, and we strive to serve as a resource through every aspect of treatment. Here are our recommendations on the top foods to avoid at a summer barbeque when wearing braces.

Navigating a Barbeque with Braces

If you're heading to a barbeque this summer, we hope you have plenty of fun – but if you'll be wearing braces to that barbeque, we encourage caution. Many of the foods you'll encounter can pose a threat to the health of your teeth and the integrity of your braces, as it's easy to damage braces by biting into sticky or hard foods. Here are the biggest foods to watch out for when wearing braces to a summer BBQ:

  • Corn on the Cob: Corn on the cob is one of the most dangerous foods for braces. While the corn kernels are soft and seem enticing, the cob is extremely hard and can easily break off brackets. Instead of eating corn on the cob, use a knife to cut the soft kernels off the cob and eat them by themselves.

  • Chicken Legs: BBQ chicken drumsticks seem safe because the meet is soft and tender, but it's far too easy to accidentally bite into bone for them to be considered safe. Use a fork and a knife to carefully pull the meat off the bone, then dig in.

  • Tri-Tip: Even a seemingly soft, boneless food like tri-tip can be tough enough to damage braces. When eating tri-tip or any other meat, cut it into small bites using a fork and knife. Once it's in small, bite-sized chunks, it should be safe to eat with braces.

While these are some of the main foods you'll need to watch for, this list is by no means exhaustive. In the end, you'll need to use common sense when eating with braces. Avoid any foods that are hard, crunchy, chewy, gooey, or sticky – anything that might break off your brackets or get stuck in your archwires should be avoided. Instead, try using a fork and knife to cut any dangerous foods into tiny pieces that you can easily chew without harming your braces, or simply stick to braces-friendly summer foods like Mexican corn salad, roasted zucchini or squash, and other soft foods.

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