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Most people already know that braces straighten your teeth, but have you ever wondered how they accomplish this feat? Your local Oakland orthodontists, Drs. Allison and Robert Loeb, believe that having patients who are as informed as possible about their treatment have a greater chance at succeeding with it and preventing more orthodontic work in the future.

What Does Each Part of Braces Actually Do?

  • Spacers: These small metal pieces are placed between the back molars in order to create, as their name implies, space. This space is necessary so bands can be added to the molars that anchor the braces.
  • Bands: Bands are used to anchor the braces and help keep them in place. They are metal rings that are placed around the back molars.
  • Brackets: These pieces are made out of metal or ceramic material and each tooth is affixed with one bracket. The archwire feeds through these brackets, allowing pressure to be applied to the teeth.
  • Archwire: This wire feeding through the brackets is what actually applies the pressure to teeth that causes them to move.
  • Ties: These go around each bracket in order to make sure that the wire stays in place and constant pressure is applied. They are available in different colors that you can choose from.
  • Elastics: These are stretched between the lower and upper braces in order to correct misaligned bites.

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